Earth Fruits Crystals

Fruits of the Earth, freshly wrapped.

This book is amazing, and i would strongly recommend it for anyone looking to gain an insight into how colour can be used to understand and treat people. 
Here’s a grid/web that i did at my mothers behest, for her cousin who’s had major heart surgery and suffered some complications during the procedure. 
I pick all of the stones i use in grids intuitively, and unsurprisingly it was red/pink stones that called to me most, being one of the main colours of benefit when working with the heart or respiratory system. I also picked out some grounding stones to help pull him out of unconsciousness, and aid in fighting off pain. The quartz points are standard for supporting energy, protecting, and helping transmute negative energies away from the body. 
Stones are; ruby, rhodonite, rhodocrosonite, rose quartz, black tourmaline, hematite and quartz. 

So today i finally got to do my Crystal 4 module. I had previously never really heard about crystal systems, and i was skeptical that a whole day’s work could be focused on them after the first initial explanation, but i was proven quite wrong. 

It was very enlightening, basically based on the theory that the six crystal structures can be matched up to people according to attributes. After assessing what types of personalities and attributes people were likely to express and possess we moved onto a little treatment. My new course buddy, Carolyn, worked on me first with the cubic system. It was trippy from start to finish, with wild colours being seen, and lovely feelings emanating from the grid of crystals over my solar plexus. 

When it was my turn to play therapist i asked quite on the spur of the moment if Carolyn  would like some reiki. As soon as i started we all felt the energy shift, and there was a really high vibration in the room. I felt brilliant, could feel the energy surging through me, and she said she could feel it right from the off, and that it was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. When i was done she had a little cry, as is often normal for people experiencing reiki for the first time. She said there was certainly somebody in the room working with me, and our tutor said she could see very bright purple around my hands, and the slightest hint of ethereal hands beneath my own. We were  blessed, and i’m grateful that she got to experience something so profound during her first session of reiki. 

It’s moments like this that remind me why i want to follow this path. 

I’m not religious, but i still find churches peaceful and interesting. I don’t know why it surprises people sometimes to hear that. 

Yesterday i finally got around to clearing my bladder meridian. As you can see from the pictures, crystal therapy can be so glamorous sometimes ahha. 

Stones used can be anything, seeing as it’s always best to intuitively pick them out of your collection. I’ve never had a time where they haven’t actually related to the problems associated with the meridian. In this instance i chose turquoise and rhodonite. 

Using my pendulum i discovered that i was to keep the crystals in position for 9 minutes, and after i’m not able to recieve treatment for 6 days. This can vary depending on the severity of the blockage. I’ve had one that was 3 days, and at the other end of the scale, one that was going to be clearing for 1 month. The reason for abstaining from any other form of treatment is due to the powerful nature of the meridians and the energy that clears them. If too much healing is received at once it can cause a huge healing crisis, and other treatments such as reiki or wand sessions can disrupt the energy clearing the meridian, rendering it less effective. 

I could feel a warm washing sort of sensation as the minutes progressed, and for a while after i took the stones off. I also felt movement in my sinuses and ears, two areas associated with this meridian, and two that i’ve long had problems with. 

I found out that i’ve also got my governing line and conception line out of kilter, so i’ll be aiming to adjust those once my 6 days are up! 

I’ve decided to review some of the decks i own, so let’s start with this one. This deck of oracle cards is called the ‘Animal Messengers Deck’ by Susie Green, and i’ve had it for a few years now. I think initially one of it’s main selling points it’s rather delightful artwork. The cards are a little bigger than most decks (typically the size of those by Doreen Virtue for example), but with a bit of practice they can be shuffled quite well…And that’s saying something because i have tiny hands! 

The cards are sorted into groups such as ‘insects’ ‘birds’ ‘land animals’ ‘sea creatures’ although i’m pretty sure they have fancier names i don’t think it actually has any bearing on the deck’s accuracy. It just makes it easier for readers to find the relevant page in the accompanying booklet if they wish to do that. The booklet goes into more detail about the message that the animal is said to bring. There’s also an accompanying book (at least this was the case with my set) that goes into even more detail, and there are animals mentioned there that don’t actually feature in the deck itself too, so it’s useful for acting as a general reference book for spirit/totem animals. The booklet and book are both written in a rather flowery way, that is sometimes a bit annoying if you just want to get to the point of the matter, but it can easily be skimmed for the essential points. 

Now to the important bit…How they read. 

I find these can be used as a stand alone deck, though depending on the issue being consulted upon they may take a lot of reading around, and decent interpretation skills for the reader. In that respect i’d say they weren’t wholly suitable for beginners, but with practice they’re very workable. There are details of quite complex spreads within the booklet, which is very helpful in relating these cards into something more specific and helping to decode them. I find my mediumship isn’t the sharpest when i use these, but that said, i have never really used them on anyone apart from myself to investigate this any further. 

I’ve found they’re quite accurate when used in spread, and are especially nice if you just pick a random card to see what message might be wished your way that day. They give a lot to think about in relatively small statements, which makes them nice for deeper readings than can typically be done using minimal mediumship skills and certain other decks. My only real qualm with this deck is the fact that not many animals are covered (even though there’s about 50 cards), but that might just be the zoologist in me being picky. That said, on all other merits i would definitely recommend them! 

If anyone would like to see more pictures of the cards please feel free to ask! 

I read this book about a year ago, when i was really quick sick. It was very inspirational, and really helped heal my soul. It gave me back my will to find myself again, and the courage to do the things necessary for that journey. Light in a dark place. These crystals are one’s i’ve used along the way.