Earth Fruits Crystals

Fruits of the Earth, freshly wrapped.

Three months after my first deep healing crystal wand treatment i’ve enjoyed a normal pain free cycle for the third time. This has wand has worked wonders for me, and the trouble i have with my PCOS related pains throughout the month.
What was once an agonising day of enforced immobility is now just regular bearable pain and discomfort. I’ve continued to treat myself once or twice a month using the techniques i was taught on my last module, and the results surprised even me, an avid believer in the power of crystal for some 10 years! A close friend who suffers with the same problem has also told me how her pain has been reduced even after sporadic treatments a couple of months ago. 
I’m not saying that it would 100% cure all problems, but i really would recommend getting some crystal treatments if you’re suffering with well, anything really (it’s lovely and relaxing if nothing else!), but in particular any reproductive system issues. 
  • 4 June 2013
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